Deb Hypolite

Debora Hypolite

Director, Strategic Operations Planning

Deb is the Director of Strategic Operations Planning at Xolv Technology Solutions™, supporting cross-functional operational management and multi-layered project implementation for Xolv and the various organizations within the family of companies. Deb first joined Xolv in 2015 as an outside consultant, quickly proving to be such an integral part of the team, she was extended an offer to join Xolv directly. She did so without looking back and has been fundamental in guiding the company to achieve multiple business objectives integrating corporate alignment and strategy utilizing agile business practices.

In the 24 years prior to joining Xolv, Deb was involved with healthcare and technology in various roles from end-user support to networking and software development to management. Her breadth of knowledge and experience allows her to bring a unique business perspective on how to transform the medical industry using technology. In previous positions, she brought health tech concepts to some that had never worked with technology before in hospitals and small ambulatory clinics, leading the implementation of electronic medical record and practice management systems.

Before her career in technology, Deb was a member of the Armed Forces serving in the US Army, Military Intelligence field. We thank Deb for her service to our country and are proud to have a Veteran on our team.