Joe Alouf, Treasurer

Joe Alouf

Board of Directors, Treasurer

Joe Alouf is a CPA and a partner at CFOs2Go. He is an inspiring executive with distinctive experience and capabilities in business model scaling, reinvention, and operational and financial optimization. With over three decades in a multitude of industries, Joe has developed a demonstrable track record helping companies maximize their operational potential, complemented by hands-on experience related to debt and equity capital raising, and all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and buyouts. His background also offers clients a real partner with deep working knowledge of designing and managing finance, accounting, legal, HR and IT departments. Joe’s deep level of experience across service, retail, consumer products, technology and real-estate businesses gives him a unique ability to quickly identify areas for focus and improvement in any industry for companies at any stage of growth.

Joe was born in Israel and served in the Israeli Air Force. He holds a BA in Economics, with a minor in Mathematics from Queens College and an MBA from the Stern School at New York University. He is an active California CPA licensee.