Kiran Philipponnat

SVP, Product & Technology Operations

Kiran Philipponnat is the Senior Vice President, Product & Technology Operations at Xolv Technology Solutions™, overseeing technological operations that support the family of companies which also includes Catalight, Easterseals Hawaii and Easterseals Northern California. Kiran joined Xolv in 2017 and leads complex operations focusing on transforming the way software is developed and delivered to clients.

Prior to joining Xolv, Kiran headed operations for technology in various areas as a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase. In his role, Kiran led operations roadmaps for Digital, ChasePay, Consumer Bank, Mobile Banking and Mortgage banking. Previously, Kiran was leading complex product development roadmaps for Pfizer in the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region. His extensive experience in business planning and operations management has played a vital role in launching Xolv as its own brand in the health tech arena.

Kiran received his Master’s in Computer Science from ESIEA in Paris.